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Cut + Sew: Small Scale Manufacturing + Production + Sample Making

Are you a growing brand looking for manufacture and production service? If so, our Cut + Sew service may be the solution for you. Our team of seamstresses and tailors have over 20 years of experience. Place an inquiry here, and please be sure to address your inquiry as "Cut + Sew."

Studio Services for Brands, Organizations, Stylists

The Studio Services are for brands, organizations, and stylists looking to use Neville Wisdom pieces for photoshoots, video production, promotion, or fashion shows! Read about pricing and terms here. Place a Studio Services inquiry here.

Other Services

We offer a variety of other services. If you do not see your needs above or have a question, give us a call at (203) 891-6691 or send us a message!

Studio Services
Other Services

Studio Services Details



  • 45% of total retail cost (excluding taxes) for clothing borrowed totaling less than $1,000

  • 35% of total retail cost (excluding taxes) for clothing borrowed totaling over $1,000


Payment is to be made on the day the clothing is borrowed. To ensure the borrowing a specific piece or size, payment must be made in advance.



This agreement permits the customer to borrow the garment(s) for 1 day. An additional $50 will be charged against the customer for each additional day in which the garment is borrowed. If the customer does not contact Neville Wisdom, LLC to make it aware of the late return of the garment(s), the full balance of the value of garment shall be due to Neville Wisdom, LLC after garment has not been returned for 48 hours.



Upon the return of the garments, the customer shall be entitled to keep any garments that were borrowed if the value of the desired garments are equal to the amount of the initial payment made at the time the garments were borrowed. If the value of the desired garments equal an amount less than the initial payment, the customer may, at their option, pay the balance of the price of the garment and keep them.


Garments must be returned in their original state and with no damage and/or stains (as determined by Neville Wisdom, LLC). If any garments appear to be damaged and/or stained, they shall become the property of the client and the full value of the garment shall be due to Neville Wisdom, LLC.

Cut + Sew
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