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"...this boutique’s splashy-colored walls and exposed bricks would not look out of place in downtown Manhattan."


"...a classic, vintage feel with a modern twist...made to flatter."


"If you can dream it up, he can whip it up."

"...find the perfect little piece and then chat with the man who made it."

"It could be that one dat, New Haven will add "home to a fashion house" to its list of firsts. We don't know what it will be called, but it might as well be the house that Wisdom built."

"What do Ann Nyberg, Mayor Toni Harp and you have in common? You can all wear local designer Neville Wisdom's clothes."

" designer Neville Wisdom is weaving his sartorial dream."

"New Haven's hottest designer"

"New Haven Fashion Designer's Styles Flatter Women of All Ages, Sizes"

"...if you slip in now you can watch his progress as he starts on his mission to Milan and you will know it all was developed right here in Connecticut."

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