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Tell us your dream-we make it happen
Custom design sketches
Lydia in her custom skirt suit
Denise in a custom bridesmaid dress


"I've always felt that Neville understands my style and taste, knows what looks good on my silhouette, and is incredibly kind and accommodating to work with one-on-one."

"I'm a huge supporter of local designers and handmade clothing, two things that are very hard to find in a college town like New Haven."

"Nowhere else would you be so lucky to have such an accessible designer who is passionate about fashion and wants his clients to love it as much as he does!"

"Neville Wisdom is haute couture without being pretentious or inaccessible. Neville offers clients custom tailoring for any garment in the shop that may not be the perfect size off the rack."

"He knows that every woman's body is different and wants his garments to look good on customers of every shape and size. The fact that he offers tailoring free of charge is testament to that!"

"Neville is an absolute perfectionist and isn't afraid to give you and your garment the time and attention needed.


I've not only saved up to buy various dresses and shirts from Neville over the years, but I also asked him to co-design my maid of honor dress for my sister's wedding.


It's been my highlight experience with Neville to date. I showed him photographs of what I wanted, he sketched out his ideas as to how he’d alter or improve on the design, he sourced fabrics that I got to choose, and we did several fittings to make sure we had the fit just right."


Schedule a Consultation

Do you have a beautiful garment in mind? Our custom design process starts with understanding your vision for a dream garment. The first step is to schedule a consultation with experts at Neville WisdomBring in a sketch, photo, or even a description to us! Call (203) 891-6691 or send us a message to book your consultation today.

Design + Discuss

During your consultation, we listen to your initial inspiration and design description. Then, we brainstorm and discuss the different details of the garment you would like to have uniquely customized and beautifully suited to your style, vision, and tastes.


Have a fabric description in mind? Great! If not, no worries! Either way, Neville and his team will have you sample a variety of fabric swatches in different materials and colors. You tell us what fabrics you love from the choices, and we will source it to make your custom design garment.


Once you are happy with the aspects of design from our consultation and agree to go forward, a payment is made to begin the construction of your custom design garment.

Measurements + Fittings

At this stage, we take your measurements and assess your favorite personal pieces of clothing to design your custom garment for best fit. You may bring in your favorite garments and we will take into account the dimensions and design of these pieces in going forward with construction.


Furthermore, once your custom design garment has been constructed, it will be fitted and altered to your measurements and unique body shape.

Design + Discuss
Measurement + Fittings
Other Services

Quality Design and Service

We want to work with you to make your dream design come true. We are here to listen and work with you every step of the way. Neville and his team are experts in service, design, and tailoring, and are here to offer you their 20+ years of experience in helping your design become a reality.


Other Services

We offer a variety of services other than Custom Design. If you do not see your needs above or have a question, give us a call at (203) 891-6691 or send us a message!

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