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NEVILL WISDOM'S FASHION DESIGN STUDIO is channeling vintage with a modern flair. What is not to love about this? A Neville Scarf Neck Top..perfect for a cold winter's day. Made in New Haven, Connecticut by Neville Wisdom. His work is impeccable, love it!


- Ann Nyberg (customer, WTNH-TV News Anchor)

I have always loved classic, well-made clothes.  I have always hated shopping.  And I am both a little plump and a lot "cheap."  For both work and family I spend a lot of time in Europe and always feel a little frumpy, fortunately "I have a good personality" as they say!  Having finally gotten the courage to walk in the door of the shop, after ogling the clothing for years, I discovered Nirvana.  My clothing budget is limited and I always think about "cost per wear" and how good I feel.  The anchor pieces and special occasion dress I bought yesterday will definitely "earn their keep."   Every piece, though classic, is gorgeous. Although I'll likely be a little plump for the rest of my life, I feel like I've banished the "frumpies" on any continent!

- Laura (customer)

Neville...looked at me and picked out the perfect dress for my figure–more than that, he pinned it and altered it so it fits me perfectly, [custom fit] is included in the price. I absolutely love it–love the flattering fit, love the design, love the high quality material and I got endless compliments when I wore it to work today. I feel like I got a gorgeous dress straight from the designer who basically made it for me. I will definitely be back.

- Rachel (customer)

My new obsession. Beautiful designs and craftsmanship. I'm in love.

- Robyn (customer)

Fabulous woman's clothing boutique full of classic designs and funky flair. I love the designs that bring me back again and again!


- Jennifer (customer)

What's better than beautiful, fun fabric tailored to the perfect outfit! So happy I found you!

- Shawna (customer)

It was so awesome that you created exactly what I had envisioned. I woud not have wanted any other dress. I will definitely have to come visit the next time I'm back in Connecticut!

- Jill (customer)

I had a clear picture in mind of the dress I wanted to wear to my daughters wedding - I described it while trying on dresses in Neville's Chapel Street boutique.  Neville walked in the door and said "we can do that".  My reply"In 3 weeks?", the answer?  "yes".  And he was right - a dress made exactly as I wanted - it turned out beautifully.  Highly recommend Neville and his staff (especially Lauren!) - Top Notch!

- Kim C (customer)

You inspire me, Mr Wisdom. I feel like every time we talk we have a conversation about the ways we can think bigger, do more, and become better versions of ourselves as artists, and as people.

- Kwadwo (artist)

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