of Katalina's Bakery, New Haven

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Photography and Interview by Sharon Lee


What is your favorite Neville Wisdom piece?

The green jersey wrap dress. (That's our pleated front jersey dress with a back cowl and waist tie.)


Where do you spend most of your time?

At my bakery! We just hit our 5th anniversary. Otherwise, at the gym. I do CrossFit, bootcamp, and pilates.


That's intense! Tell us about Katalina's bakery.

We're an all-butter bakery. We make everything from scratch. We offer vegan, gluten-free, and paleo baked goods.


What is "paleo"? Is that like raw food?

Laughs. Anybody in CrossFit will know what paleo is!


How did you discover Neville Wisdom?

I was walking by the store about two years ago, and at the time I needed a red dress. Neville's shop window had a red dress–I walked in, I tried it on, and it fit very well.


Ah. That's our classic David dress that you bought in red. To where do you wear your Neville Wisdom pieces?

I wore one when I went down to NYC for a birthday party! I wear some of Neville's casual dresses to work. I wore the Black David dress to church this past Sunday.


Why Neville Wisdom?

I don't like shopping because I don't have time for it and fit can be a hassle. With Neville, everything is convenient. The fit is great. Neville is attentive, and he makes sure the dress fits properly.


Describe your lifestyle in 3 words.

Non. Stop. Movement!


Katalina is wearing the Turtle Neck dress in green, Samantha coat in white, Flowing Draped dress in steel grey.