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Attorney at Law

Photography & Interview by Sharon Lee


What do you do?

I'm an Attorney, and a partner in a private investment firm. That's the best way to put it.


What is the best thing about your career?

I think, my favorite thing about what I do is just having flexibility over my schedule, and I also get to do a lot of neat things and meet a lot of interesting people. I got to host Neville's fashion show in last year in [my] building. So, that's something that not many people get to be involved in, and that was really neat. I've had art spaces and art galas also in my building last year. I've just have had a lot of unique experiences that I would not have gotten had I not owned this business.


And what is the most challenging thing?

I think the most challenging thing is probably that we're a small company so my partner and I have to take care of everhything ourselves. There's not necessarily a person we can go to for any help. So, it's a lot of problem solving and sometimes the unexpected pops up and I have to think really quickly on my feet to solve it as fast as possible.


I think that's what it's been like for me, as Design, Media, and Marketing Assistant at Neville Wisdom. I like it though, I like the problem solving. Much better than doing just busy work.

Yes, definitely. It's much better than that. Although, it does get very hectic at times.



"Coming here, everything is so different,


it's unique,


it's not going to be a hundred other people wearing the same thing."



Julie is wearing the Black Holiday Dress. Shop it now.

Let's talk style. Describe your style in 3 words and who is your style icon?

My style is eclectic, professional, and adaptable. My style icon is Lauren Sprague (Neville Wisdom, Brand Director and Clothing Stylist).


Lauren is super edgy. Most people wake up in the morning and wear whatever they can find, but she definitely has a very defined and cool style.

Yeah, I sometimes find that I'll wear my mood.


You work in law. How do you style your suit?

Usually when I wear a suit, I like to wear a shirt underneath it that has a little something extra, like a piece of lace in an unexpected place or a couple rhinestones or in an unexpected color that you wouldn't normally see. Or I'll pair it with some bigger jewelry or cool shoes.


How did you discover Neville Wisdom?

My office is right around the corner. My dad actually knew Neville––he used to own a clothing manufacturing company, and he and Neville just started talking one day. I think my dad walked by the store and came in to meet the man, and they just started talking about their shared experiences, their shared background. My dad introduced me to [Neville] and I've been coming back ever since!


Oh, cool! What kind of clothing manufacturing company?

He did sporting goods––t-shirts, pants, jackets, and he printed logos for the universities. This was out in Fair Haven, and then when the import started coming in from China––and this was in the late '80's––it just got to the point where he couldn't keep up anymore with it price-wise. He ended that business and started a new one. They would start selling t-shirts at prices less than what he could make something for. But, yeah, that's how my dad and Neville met because who else in New Haven knows how to make clothes besides the two of them? 

"When I wear a suit, I like to wear a ...a little something extra, like a


PIECE OF LACE in an unexpected place or a couple rhinestones or an 



Or I'll pair it with some bigger jewelry or cool shoes."

Julie is wearing the Vintage Neville Skirt. Shop it now.

Why Neville Wisdom?

I choose Neville because his clothes are so unique. You would never see anything like this anywhere around here. Plus it just fits so well!


What is your favorite Neville Wisdom piece?

I don't own my favorite piece that he's made. I think the favorite piece that I own is this Black Holiday Dress (above) because there're just so many places that I wear it to. It's so comfortable, first of all. It's just so versatile. I can wear it for professional occasions, I can wear it for more formal events, it's just very easy to adapt it from day-to-night. So I think it's definitely my favorite. I think my favorite thing he's made is the Black Swan Gown. I wish I had something to wear that to. That's like my favorite thing. I love that piece.


What's the most challenging thing about finding that perfect dress or garment, in general?

I think that because I like my style so much as my own that a lot of times if I go to a store, I just see what everyone else is wearing. I see the same thing over and over. Coming [to Neville Wisdom], everything is so different, it's unique, it's not going to be a hundred other people wearing the same thing.


Thank you so much, Julie! And thank you for reading.

In order of appearance, Julie is wearing the Neville Wisdom Collar Cut-Out Dress, Black Holiday DressVintage Neville Skirt, and Ice Blue Flare Dress.


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